How to attend our games with COVID restrictions

We are open at our Charlottetown location, playing bingo on Thursday, Saturday and Monday evenings.

If you would like to reserve a seat at any of our games you have to follow the instructions below;

Call 902-566-5147 or visit in person during the hours of 4.30pm - 8.30pm the evening BEFORE we have our games, therefore selling will occur on Wednesday for Thursdays game, Friday for Saturdays game and Sunday for Mondays game in person or over the telephone.

When ordering you will be issued our NEW loyalty cards, which will double as contact tracing. You can then place your bingo card order, once completed, you can pay in person, with cash, debit or credit, or over the phone we take credit, debit Visa and debit MasterCard, or we take your order, and you can pay at your seat the night of play with a debit or credit card.

When you arrive at the facility on the night of play, doors open at 5.45pm. You will be told which entrance to use, you must wear a mask and hand sanitize and then go to your seat. Our staff will collect your seat number and bring your cards, and if unpaid, the debit machine, to your seat for payment. 


We do not allow lining up in the hall, we wait on you. According to the Provincial Government you must wear a mask and you must remain in the room you have been allocated to.

Our canteen is currently closed ,so you are welcome to bring any food or drinks in with you, at this time.